As part of the Vodafone foundation I did a 2 week sprint with Ngati Porou Hauora to help get the basics of their product off the ground and in a position for the next round of funding. You can see a short video about the organisation here:
Pepi Ora has been developed for Ngati Porou Hauora, a small Primary Health Organisation that spans the East Coast from Potikirua in the north to Te Toka-a-Taiau in the south.  Many people in Ngati Porou live in very remote and rurally isolated communities along the coast, accessing health information can be a challenge when you are raising a family. Through tradition and technology, Pepi Ora has been co-designed to support young families to make a positive difference in their childrens lives and future. 
Stake holder interviews
Me working with the Ngati Porou Hauora team on the app.
Competitor research
User research
We started talking to young mums and from this created empathy maps, archetypes and personas. 
User stories
We then form user stories, these help us have conversation around requirements and keep the user in mind at all times.
MVP - requirements
From our personas and user stories we can start to prioritise our requirements for a Minimal Viable Product.
User Journeys
We worked out a user flow and then developed a site map to plan our information around for our MVP.
Wire frames
We designed a prototype with invision and then put out a questionnaire to help get feedback on our initial designs. After feedback we then moved into high fidelity designs and tested again.
Final MVP designs
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